Without the expertise and guidance of BookStudio, I’m certain my children’s books would still be lying in a heap on my desk. Writing is a lonely business, but with BookStudio I never felt alone. Not only did I receive the ultimate in service, but fabulous friends as well…awesome!

–Sherri Chessen, Author and Publisher, The Gorp Group

BookStudio offers a full menu of services, from pinpointing the goals for publishing to determining the best strategy for your book or project. We manage complete project development, including marketing and distribution consultation. Each proposal is tailored to the specific client and project to make each relationship efficient and cost-effective.

Tell us your idea or goal, and we will recommend the list of services you need to achieve the success you dream of.

Publishing Positioning and Strategy

It is essential to determine which publishing strategy will best accomplish your goals. BookStudio will listen to your dreams — publishing and professional–then work to pinpoint your core audience and define your message for them.

  • Pinpoint the goals and benefits of your publishing endeavor
  • Profile your target audience(s) and determine how they will best hear your message
  • Strategize how a book can set you apart from your competition
  • Determine the most effective methods of distribution
  • Articulate the conceptual and marketing themes for the book
  • Discuss obtaining a strategic foreword and/or testimonials for the project

Editorial Development

We will determine the editorial focus and handle for your book. From there, BookStudio will oversee the development of a manuscript from outline to final draft.

  • Create an editorial handle that connects your message to your goals and resonates with your audience(s)
  • Develop a high-quality manuscript
  • Hire and oversee writer and researchers (if applicable)
  • Conduct or coordinate all manuscript editing and approvals, including conceptual edit, line edit, copyedit, and proofreading
  • Oversee copyediting, proofreading, indexing

Marketing Plan Development

BookStudio will work with you to develop a book marketing plan based on your goals and objectives.

  • Identify media hook
  • Articulate highlights and benefits of the book
  • Recommend promotional materials
  • Design a strategic, executable publishing-based plan – both online and offline

Book Shepherding

Book Shepherding is product development from manuscript to finished product. We will efficiently manage the steps that need to be taken to turn your manuscript into a book.

  • Establish a budget and schedule
  • Determine size, format, and print specifications
  • Recommend a graphic designer for the project
  • Source manufacturing options
  • Coordinate production day-to-day to finished books
  • Establish publishing requirements (imprint, ISBN, LOC, etc.)
  • Ebook conversion and upload and account set-up
  • Audio book creation, conversion, and upload