Stone Offerings: Machu Picchu’s Terraces of Enlightenment

Ben Franklin Award Winner: Best Book Art and Photography

Goal: To showcase the spectacular work of photographer Mike Torrey’s trips to Machu Picchu.
Highlights: Over 70 spectacular photographs; Foreword by best-selling author Marie Arana; FSC-certified package; Endorsements in all pinpointed markets
Author: Mike Torrey
Publisher: Lightpoint Press

Distributor: SCB
Package: 10 3/8” X 11 ¼”, hardcover with jacket, 144 pages, full color throughout

“Karla will believe in your dream and tell you the truth about how you can be successful in publishing. Listen carefully and make BooksStudio part of your team.” –Mike Torrey

Tornado Warning: A Memoir of Teen Dating Violence and Its Effect on a Woman’s Life

Gold Winner, Mom’s Choice Awards

Goal: Create a professionally packaged and strategically positioned memoir that will help to establish author as a speaker and the founder of a girls’ empowerment organization, Girls kNOw More.
Highlights: Beautifully written memoir of a teen-dating-violence incident, augmented by author’s current-day reflections as a mother and survivor; enticing package both inside and out; Foreword by Jess Weiner, well-known girls empowerment author and speaker; widely endorsed within the domestic violence prevention field; placement with national distributon
Author: Elin Stebbins Waldal
Publisher: Sound Beach Publishing
Distributor: Greenleaf
Package: 6” X 9” paperback,192 pages, black and white interior

Heaven in the Midst of Hell: A Quaker Chaplain’s View of the War in Iraq

Finalist, Ben Franklin Awards: Religion and Spirituality, New Age
Peacemaker of the Year Award – IPPY Awards
Nautilus Award: Religion and Spirituality, Eastern Traditions
Finalist, Current Events, IPPY Awards
Finalist, Foreword 2010 Book of the Year
Best Inspiration Book, Stars and Flags Awards, Military Writers Society
Finalist, USA BookNews Awards
Finalist, Next Generation Indie Awards

To present in a professional package author’s essays and photographs on her time in Iraq; place into national distribution
Highlights: Beautiful package that features author’s thought-provoking essays accompanied by her evocative photographs; Foreword by General James Mattis; endorsements in four market segments
Author: Sheri Snively
Publisher: Raven Oaks Press
Distributor: Greenleaf
Package: 8” X 10” hardcover with jacket, 320 pages, four color throughout

Moments with Baxter: Comfort and Love from the World’s Best Therapy Dog

Goal: To create a tribute to an amazing dog while providing comfort for those who have experienced hospice or lost a loved one.
Highlights: 6000 copies sold in 1 year! Endorsement from Cesar Millan (The Dog Whisperer) and others in the therapy and hospice professions. Elegant and comforting four color design and gift book package.
Author: Melissa Joseph
Publisher: Sage Press
Distributor: Greenleaf
Package: 8” X 8”, hardcover with jacket,224 pages, full-color throughout 

“My experience with Karla went beyond her professional advice, savvy expert connections, and management to the finished product. It’s one thing to have a book in hand; it’s another to market it. She was supportive in ways that a big publishing house would have scoffed at. She’s the real deal!” — Melissa Joseph

Hugh Martin: The Boy Next Door

To produce a high-quality autobiography celebrating the life of esteemed composer, Hugh Martin. Because Hugh was 94 at the inception of the project, expedience was a key factor in the product development.

Highlights: Excellent quality hardcover with about 60 black- and-white photographs. Endorsements from famous celebrities, such as Tony Bennett, Mickey Rooney, and Terry Gross.
Author: Hugh Martin
Publisher: The Trolley Press
Distributor: Atlas
Package: 6” X 9”, hardcover with jacket, 420 pages, black- and-white interior with photos throughout

Healthy Sex Drive, Healthy You: What Your Libido Reveals about Your Life

Finalist, Ben Franklin Awards, Interior Design Two Color
Goal: To increase author’s visibility in both the commercial and professional fields; to accessibly inform women about the relationship between their sex drive and their health

Highlights: Attractive but tasteful cover and inviting two-color interior; Endorsement by best-selling author Dr. Christiane Northup; national distribution
Author: Dr. Diana Hoppe
Publisher: Health Connections Press
Distributor: Greenleaf
Package: 6” X 9”, paperback, 224 page, two color interior

Beautiful Bride from Every Angle: Look Great in Every Photo . . . and in Life!

Goal: To coordinate three writers and hundreds of photos into a lovely and high-quality product that monopolizes on its unique position in the wedding book field.
Highlights: Text from three perspectives – wedding planner, stylist, and photographer. Real-life – not staged – wedding photos. Oversize coffee table book, with hundreds of photos. Elegant, professional design.
Authors: Barbara Wallace, Annie Withers, Lars Wanberg
Publisher: Zingiber Publishing
Distributor: Atlas
Package: 10” X 9”, hardcover with jacket, 304 pages, printed four color throughout

“We three authors agree that we have a far better book because of your input.”
— Barbara Wallace, Annie Withers, Lars Wanberg

The Santa Club

Goal: To transform a black and white children’s book into a full color title with national distribution and an effective marketing plan.
Highlights: Unique full color illustrations. Arresting cover design. Well positioned in the trade and Christian marketplaces. National distribution.
Author: Kelly Moss
Publisher: Palmary Press
Distributor: New Shelves/The Cadence Group
Package: 6” X 9”, hardcover with jacket, 32 pages, full color throughout

“Karla’s knowledge and expertise is tantamount to making it in the new and ever-changing world of book publishing. Without her and everyone at BookStudio we would not have succeeded as easily or as greatly.” — Kelly Moss

I’m There for You, Baby: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to the Galaxy

Goal: Create a unique product that will promote author as a speaker and mentor.
Highlights: Unique size. Arresting cover design. Entertaining text.
Author: Neil Senturia
Publisher: Blackbird Ventures
Distributor: New Shelves/The Cadence Group
Package: 5 ¼” X 8 1/8”, hardcover with jacket, 224 pages, black and white interior

The Sand Spirits Insight Cards Goal: To repackage and reposition a inspirational card deck for national distribution
Highlights: Elegant cloth packaging and slipcase. Effective positioning and marketing plan
Author: Pamela Hale
Publishers: Through a Different Lens
Distributor: Atlas
Package: 4 1/2” X 6 1/4”, 36 cards with card box, cloth box with cards, cardstock slip case, printed full color

Karla is a consummate professional, whose experience is serving me so well in my self-publishing venture; I’d never be where I am without her!” — Pamela Hale

Questions: Directions to Who You Are National Indie Excellence Award Winner, 2011: Inspiration

Goal: To produce, on a budget, a unique, attractive book of prose poems
Highlights: Unique two-color design. Attractive debossed case. Tip-in sheet on back cover.
Author: Tim Turner
Publisher: TSM Publications
Distributor: Partners West
Package: 7 ½” X 9 ½”, hardcover with deboss, 128 pages, printed two color

Discovery! The Search for Arabian Oil
By Wallace Stegner 

Arabian Knight: Colonel Bill Eddy and the Rise in American Power in the Middle East
By Thomas Lippman

Ben Franklin Award Winner, Best Biography

Goal: Create arresting packages and well positioned marketing plans to establish national distribution for a small niche publisher.
Highlights: Award winning cover and interior designs. Endorsed by Pulitzer Prize winners.
Publisher: Selwa Press
Distributor: IPG
Package: 6” X 9”, hardcover with jacket, 256 pages, printed black and white, 8 page gloss insert with photos
“I don’t think Selwa Press could have found a more appropriate marketing consultant than Karla.” — Tim Barger